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    "I love this toothbrush. My teeth feel like I just left the dentist every time I use it. It honestly feels like I've used a polishing cloth. The bristles are so soft and massage your guns without causing bleeding."

    Dora - Gumbrush customer

    GUMBRUSH™ - Free

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    GUMBRUSH™ - Free



    The answer is NO.

    With over 12’000 ultra-fine bristles that are only 80 microns in diameter, GUMBRUSH offers a deeper and more effective cleaning experience than regular toothbrushes while being so gentle that it feels like brushing your teeth with velvet.




    GUMBRUSH™ is unlike any ordinary toothbrush. Each bristle of 80 microns in diameter is so fine that it can penetrate each enamel crevice to remove food residue, bacteria plaque and, stains. With over 12'000 of them, GUMBRUSH™ will find & clean areas so small you didn't even know they existed. 


    GUMBRUSH™ is gum-friendly and specially designed for hypersensitivity. Our super-soft 12,000 bristles gently polish the surface of the teeth without tearing up or harming the gums.

    Perfect for people suffering from sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. A lifesaver for babies, children, moms, the elderly, and people with braces! 


    Doesn't even break an egg yolk, unlike the regular toothbrush 


    Leaves the strawberry intact while the regular toothbrush peels it.


    Leaves the egg intact while the regular toothbrush makes multiple holes in it.





    Removes every grain while the regular toothbrush just spreads them out.

    Draws a clear line while the regular toothbrush leaves most of the powder on the table.


    Draws a clear line while the regular toothbrush leaves most of the powder on the ball.


     Spreads the toothpaste evenly and makes it foam while the traditional toothbrush only moves it.




    GUMBRUSH™ has the perfect size and flexibility. The brush head is fine-tuned for maximum comfort. The ergonomic handle design adapts to the fingers to prevent excessive force, giving users peace of mind when brushing their teeth.



    GUMBRUSH™  is designed for long usage. Bristles are made of sterile fiber with anti-bacterial features.


    Brush material: ABS Plastic

    Bristles material: Nylon

    Weight: 25.5 g

    Size: 18 cm x 1.7 cm x 1.5 cm

    1x GUMBRUSH™

    1x Case


    Feels nice and seems to be doing a good job.

    I was concerned with using a nontraditional toothbrush and so I showed my dentist that I was using these. She said it looked good! So I'm glad I have something soft and more comfortable to use.

    I’ve been using firm brush for quite some time and noticed that my gums are sore. I was told by my hygienist friend to try this kind of toothbrush as it is safer and gentler to gums and enamels.

    I was reluctant as first because how can something so soft can clean my teeth and gums but I noticed my teeth are just as clean just like when I used my old brushes with the bonus that my gums stopped bleeding.

    I don’t think I can go back to using the regular type of toothbrush after this.

    I love this toothbrush because it's so soft yet it cleans my teeth, gums and tongue like no other toothbrush I have ever used.

    I have been using battery operated toothbrushes for years and this cleans so much better, requires no batteries and feels so soft and gentle.

    I recommend this to anyone.

    I really didn't know what to expect. I bought these toothbrushes with the suspicion that they would promise a lot and deliver little. But I was wrong.

    I really like using this brush! I think I'm a little too excited to brush my teeth! Super soft. My teeth feel clean after brushing.

    I'm hooked.

    I HIGHLY recommend these toothbrushes! It’s amazingly soft. Wish I had known about it. I ll never buy another brand.

    I get my teeth clean 3 times a year & deep cleaning once a year, & change toothbrushes every 2-3 months.

    Now I’ll give this type of brushes to my love 😍 ones too.

    At first I thought it was too soft, but now I love it.

    Can’t imagine going back to regular toothbrush.

    It cleans teeth well and my gums are healthy again.

    Might sound silly but my teeth FEEL cleaner than ever.

    I thought the harder my toothbrush, the better the clean. Until I use this one and it's just my favorite thing ever for toothbrushes

    These are the best most softest toothbrushes I have ever found!

    They are wonderful & they clean your teeth really well! Love these toothbrushes!

    Highly recommend!

    These are the softest brushes, my dentist said these are the best to use daily, love the feel on my teeth.

    Making Gums Happy

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